Healthy employees are happy and productive employees. Happy employees mean a happy business and work environment. We know that you want the best not only for your business itself but for the people on your staff. Our team at WELLFITT is proud to provide FittCorp, a comprehensive corporate wellness solution for small businesses with employee numbers ranging from 8 to 800 or more. We believe that often, small businesses are largely and unfairly ignored by wellness programming providers in comparison to large corporations. The wellness options many small businesses provide are often limited to an occasional workout class or periodic activity.

At WELLFITT, we think that needs to change. In order to combat this issue, we have developed a revolutionary program that combines the technology-based delivery of our programs along with living on-site program delivery, for your convenience. Make no mistake, this is not a pared down program from a large corporation, but instead, a program built from the ground up for small businesses with two main focus areas: the first comprehensive in nature and the second cost-sensitive. We take a great deal of pride in allowing our clients to offer one of the most highly sought after employee benefits of our time while building a healthier and more productive workforce.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about FittCorp, or if you would like to utilize our services for your business today.

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